Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Our trip to Puerto Rico was great! The hotel was this really cute guesthouse that was just charming, really. G has relayed most of our trip details, so no need to tell the same stories. I would have enjoyed another day or two lounging on a beach, but overall I am glad to be home.
It was one of those vacations that despite it's rather short length, I felt like I'd been gone for a long time. I definitely enjoyed leaving Columbia for a bit and leaving my worries in my apartment. Although I was with my friends almost continuously, I did have the opportunity to take a step back and look at my life from a bit of a distance and really think about things. Seems like it's easier to do when I am not in Columbia--at home or at work. I was really thinking about how my priorities have changed over the past few months and how different a person I've become. (Probably due to my priorities changing.)
My mind was inundated with thoughts of being grateful and being PRESENT! I knew that a weekend like this, with these two people, is very unlikely to ever happen again. I knew that I had to savor the laughter and the moments of connection that let you know your friendship is real. I'm so glad I had the chance to do this and have as much fun as we did: samba-ish dancing, drinking Mojitos, discovering secluded beaches, exploring the rainforest (and getting rained on while there!), and laughing so hard we cried.
These are the moments I will rely on when in India and Boston, when the times of loneliness overwhelm my soul.


St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Nicely written -- glad you had the time & opportunity for the trip. Remembering to be present is something I often forget to do.

Gashwin said...

... and never forget ... "Welcome to Char-looootte!" :)