Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Notre Dame Football

Just saw this article at! ND's highly recruited, highly touted quarterback Jimmy Clausen underwent a medical procedure on his throwing arm. He's scheduled to come back and be ready for Fall practice which begins on August 6.

ND's head coach, Charlie Weis also announced last week that it is a 3-way tie for the starting QB position this fall. Evan Sharpley is a junior who has waited his turn behind Brady Quinn and probably deserves a shot. Demetrius Jones and Jimmy Clausen are the next two who I don't know much about. Jimmy Clausen was the top athlete to come out of high school (in football) last year, but how he will compete with college players, I'm not too sure yet. I think he still needs some meat on his bones.

Everyone knows that ND is in serious need of a facelift after last season's embarrassment against LSU and USC. They are up to 14 recruits for the 2008 season already, which is great--but I don't count on anything unti that LOI is signed and faxed in. Defense needs help and hopefully they are getting it. And though Brady Quinn may have been a bit overrated, he still ran that team and that offense well, in my opinion.


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