Thursday, July 19, 2007

Encounters of the Animal Kind

The following are animals (or winged creatures) that I have been close enough to in the past 24 hours to catch some disease from:
1) Grasshopper (okay, no disease-danger here)
2) Rat
3) Dog
4) Donkey
5) Horse
6) Cow/Bull
7) Pig
8) Monkey
9) Camel


Anonymous said...

You wanted a kiss from the monkey...didn't you? And I still expect you to bring home a monkey assassin!

City Yogin said...

I would love to have kissed the monkey! They really are quite adorable. Although I read on Gashwin's blog about the monkey being hunted down for stealing someone's spectacles. :) Guess they aren't too sweet, even if they are adorable.
And no worries--I've got my eye on a monkey or two I think I can sneak in to the country. :)You'll be cleaning up monkey feces in no time!