Monday, July 2, 2007

A Few Things...

Some random thoughts have been coarsing through my little brain and I thought I'd share some of them:
1) As chaotic and crazy as the driving is, no one shouts or screams or even curses to themself!
2) McDonald's has a 20 Rupees menu--that's about $.50 (no, I have not eaten there!)
3) Horns can mean several things: "Hey, I'm over here about to pass you so don't even THINK of merging over," "GO!," "Go on and pass me if it's that important to you," "You drive too slowly," "Don't stand there," "Pay attention to me!," and several others. It's all very interesting.
4)I am rather unaffected by the devestating poverty that surrounded me as we drove back to the hotel this morning. What is the matter with me?! How can I be so numb? Perhaps somewhere in my subconscious I prepared myself and told myself to be hard. I feel guilty for not being more affected, but what can I do? I pray that God will help me understand how all of this works and how I am dealing with it--or not dealing with it.

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Gashwin said...

Horns: they have an existential function as well, to announce to creation that one exists, and is in a vehicle, quite probably somewhere dangerously close to some other vehicle. Everything moves at 25kph so it's all relatively quite safe.

Poverty: I get back into the same mode, automatically, when I am back there. Remember, you and I have to deal with our guilt. It's the poor who have to actually "deal" with their lives.