Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Reliving Memories

Some of my favorite relatives are coming to visit this weekend, and in preparation for their visit, I decided to look through my India pictures again and weed a few out here and there.

It was interesting looking at the photos again. I've not looked at them since Dr. Beau was here in August. A lot happened to me there and it's not as though I had forgotten that, but seeing the pictures and imagining myself again in those places brought back floods of memories and thoughts. I went through some interesting times emotionally, mentally and spiritually that changed me in ways most will never be able to see. What's important is that I see the changes, I know how I have been affected.

Seeing all those places again made me so happy and so grateful that I had the opportunity to fulfill one of my life's dreams. So few of us actually get to do what we dream to do. I am so grateful to all the people who helped my trip become a reality with their support, love, ideas, advice, and words of encouragement. My words fall short of expressing what I really feel and owe to all of my friends.

Through some of the silence I gained strength and courage to look deep inside my soul and determine what it is I truly want in this life, who I really want to be. I've been a wandering soul for quite some time, and I honestly believe India helped guide me to a path I probably wouldn't have discovered on my own had I been in SC.

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