Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Few Pics

Jamie and Jamie before the Groom's Dinner Friday night
Alaska and Me
Jamie and the beautiful bride!


Brooke and Matt


Anonymous said...

You should be watching the Red Sox game, not blogging!

Mrs. Dell

City Yogin said...

True true, but that would require being social. :-) However, I will go to and see what's going on!!

Dogwood Dell said...

As of 9:43pm, Top of the 4th, 2 outs, man on 2nd. Score: Bos 3, Cle 1.

Go Soxs!

Dogwood Dell said...

BTW...Nice pics.

And you look lovely in your dress.

City Yogin said...

GO SOX! Thanks for the update and the nice compliment. The dress turned out alright, except I was in charge of carrying a section of the cake home from the reception and I got some chocolate icing on the front!