Wednesday, January 30, 2008


According to, Columbia is ranked No. 16 on the top most romantic cities in the U.S. WHAT? Here's the list...

They are considering these cities the most romantic because of the high number of sales in books about relationships, sex and romance. So, does this really make us romantic? In my opinion, it means we are so desperate for romance that we have to READ about it rather than actually LIVE it.


Dogwood Dell said...

I agree. Too many sad souls lost in the search for love.

Romantic cities - Paris, Rome, London, New York, San Fran.

But not Columbia.

Anonymous said...

i read somwhere that columbia is ranked number 8 for single women over 35 to find a man. i just don't see it. or maybe i need to wait a few years. anyway it seems that something is askew with these surveys.