Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mountain Movie Madness

Next Tuesday, Mags and I are going to watch some mountain movies! Anyone willing to sit in my uncomfortable apartment for a couple of hours is definitely invited. I'll have to come up with some mountain-climbing-inspired snacks for the evening. Maybe sno-cones or something.

First on the agenda is the IMAX presentation of Everest. Filmed during the disaster of 1996, this film follows advanced climbers who continue to the top of Everest despite losing friends on the mountain just days before. If you've read the book Into Thin Air, this IMAX crew follows the same route toward the summit and really brings the icefalls, crevasses, and dangers to life. This is a short film, only 40 minutes, but it's bound to be wonderful.

Wrapping up the Mountain Movie Madness will be a screening of Touching the Void. This film tells the story of Joe Simpson and and Simon Yates' disasterous and near fatal attempt to climb Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes in 1985. Although this mountain had been previously attempted, Simpson and Yates decided to ascend the almost-vertical west face. Distaster strikes upon the descent and a miraculous story unfolds.

So, if interested, let me know! Should be a good evening, perhaps filled with more insight as to why people are so attracted to standing on the peaks of mountains. With every piece of information I gather, I'm starting to understand that a little more clearly and I can feel that desire starting to burn inside of me.

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