Saturday, February 9, 2008


You know when you've had a rough week and some of the smallest, simplest things make you feel so much better? Well, I had one of those rough weeks and then yesterday I came home to two dozen roses at my door!
Then today, I decided to go to Five Points and just window shop. The shoe store, Sophie, was having an amazing sale so I decided to just take a peek. I found the most adorable pair of shoes that were 75% off! They were way too cute to pass up.
I know that true happiness cannot be found in roses that will eventually die or shoes that fit perfectly, but for the moment I feel incredibly happy and at peace with everything going on. And at a time like this, that is simpy precious.


Anonymous said...

You looked fabulous in those shoes this morning, too. I was wondering where you found them.
~Mrs. Rayman

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Roses, pumps, shopping, shimmying... Major girly-girl week you're having, gurrrrl. Good on you!