Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Zumba Update

We had a blast! Although our heart rate never really got too high, we had a lot of fun and I definitely smiled A LOT. Especially when we had to some sort of samba and I looked (and felt) more like I was in a hoedown or something. We shimmied and moved our hips a whole heck of a lot, which is ALWAYS a good source of laughter.

So overall, I had fun even though it wasn't a very demanding workout. Tomorrow I start my conquest of the jump rope AND start running again. Mags and I have decided to participate in the Get to the Green 5K on March 15.

I think having this challenge will motivate me in several ways and will only benefit me. Don't worry--I will take it easy when I need to.


Anonymous said...

Dogwood is planning on doing it too! But not me...I'll wait at the finish line for y'all!

Mrs. Dell

Dogwood Dell said...

Yep! I'm actually toying with the idea of running in this race. I received the registration form in the mail yesterday.

BTW...I think I may even have a leprechaun outfit. Think I should do it (the outfit that is)?

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

This means Mags has mastered the "shimmy"? Can't wait to see the video (or recital.)

I've got lots of 'tween nieces, in case you're looking to learn any jump rope rhymes.

City Yogin said...

Dogwood: Yes, I think you should DEFINITELY dress up as the leprechaun! Remember, Mags wanted to dress up for the Governor's Cup, so maybe we can convince her to do it also!

St. Liz: Yes, it has been a very girly week so far and looks like the weekend will be as well! Sometimes it's good to feed my 3%!

Anonymous said...

i'll dress up! you don't have to ask me twice. now, where does one fine a leprechaun outfit?


Anonymous said...

oops! i had a typo earlier. i meant to write: where does one FIND a leprechaun outfit.