Sunday, June 22, 2008


It's been a good 36 hours since arriving in DC--had a good day yesterday despite being sleep deprived and a little cranky. We got together with some friends and watched "Til the End of the World" which was interestingly good at times and horribly bad at others. It ended up being a long night and I slept quite well.

Got up this morning and tried to put some of my clothes and other stuff away without much success. All the clothes are technically unpacked now, but they're just strewn about in various locations making the task of finding something to wear close to impossible. I have a dresser coming on Tuesday, so that will make the situation much better.

Went to Mass at Holy Trinity in Georgetown today. It's a Jesuit parish (woohoo) and the priest presiding at today's Mass was great. Afterwards it was to the grocery and other errands before heading out to my first vinyasa yoga class. I was a little nervous going since I always worry about being the "new girl." However, upon arrival, I found out that I wasn't the only new person and chatted with a girl who just relocated to DC from Florida. It was a great class and really helped ease my anxiety and stress.

Tonight's early to bed because I have to be at work a little before 8. Should be a good day allowing me a better chance to feel like I'm actually living here now rather than just visiting.

Thanks to all of you who've called or sent texts or emails--I appreciate it so much!!! And as for La Madeline--sounds like a terrific idea!! Georgetown is definitely close by and that might be just a perfect way to spend a morning post-yoga and pre-work. THANKS!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're settling in nicely! I'm glad! Talk soon -- Laura

St. Izzy said...

You're welcome.