Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Things to Do...

There are a few things that I definitely want to do when I am in DC for the summer. Some of them aren't specific to DC necessarily, but I am using this as a catalyst to try new things, live a little more and be present in each moment. Here's my list (for now) of things I want to see, do or find:
1) The National Museum of the American Indian
2) Bikram Yoga--yoga in a room heated to 105 degrees. I might puke, but that could be part of the fun!
3) Vinyasa Yoga-constantly moving in a flow-like manner with an established series of postures
4) Mass at the Basilica
5) Drag Queen brunch at Perry's
6) Meridian Hill Park-free yoga on Sunday nights, drum circle, and a cool Joan of Arc statue

1 comment:

Gashwin said...

I like the succession "Mass at the Basilica" followed by "Drag Queen Brunch."

Now if you can drag the Drag Queens to Mass ...

If you can, check out the 10:00 am Latin (new rite, not pre-Conciliar rite) Mass at the Cathedral of St. Matthew. A beautiful church!