Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Am Alive

So I have disappeared off the face of the blogger world, but my computer at home is acting extremely finicky and I'm really not supposed to be on here at work. Considering today has been the slowest day so far I've got some down time and just wanted to say hello.

Things are going quite well here for the most part. I have my good days and bad. Monday of this week was one of the worst days ever and I am happy to report that things have turned for the better since then. It's been a long week though and I am really looking forward to the weekend despite the rainy forecast. I will be working tomorrow, but I don't mind since I'll be getting holiday pay as well as a few hours overtime.

Weekend plans include shopping, cleaning, doing laundry, working out and maybe going to see Wall-E. Other than that, nothing much is going on but that's okay with me! Nauru comes back on Monday which is great too.

Sorry I don't have anything else really interesting to report. My friends at work are great and I've been out several times with them and had a really great time. It's been fun getting to know so many people from all over the world including Ethiopia, Kenya, China, Ireland and of course, the good ol' USA. I could listen to the two Irish people talk for ages--their accent is so incredible. And the one girl says "brilliant" about almost everything--I love it!!

Well, only a few more hours to go and then I am off to work out. One of the best perks of the job is access to the workout facility which is brand new and includes a sauna. I also found out the on-site massage therapist, Ingrid, only charges $45.00/hour. I'm definitely going to look into that!

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