Friday, July 25, 2008


Mr Mei and J came up last night and we met up today for lunch. Coming up the escalator at Union Station, anticipating the coo's and purr's from MM, I was wishing the people in front of me would just move! Atop the stairs, we ran toward one another in true humiliating fashion which was conveniently caught on video by J. Now I just have to figure out how to get my hands on that camera's delete button.

We enjoyed lunch at a nearby Irish pub joined by Nauru who is (always) inevitably late. We had a great time cooing, laughing and eating. Next we tromped over to MM's old stomping grounds of 8 years ago....awwww!

I had to get going to make it back to my metro stop and get changed for work. Boo! However, I have the whole day of tomorrow and will be venturing to the National Zoo with MM, J and Nauru followed by a BBQ. Should be a delightful day. I'm looking forward to actually spending time with Nauru--with conflicting schedules for the past two weeks it will be a luxury to have the entire day together!!


Mattheus Mei said...
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Mattheus Mei said...

oops, I forgot J didn't want me to give out all the pictures, I'll e-mail you the link, it was precious! I had fun with you this weekend, I suppose the next time we visit will be when you're in Beantown!!!!

City Yogin said...

Absolutely!! I can't wait to see you again, I had lots of fun. Hopefully next time I won't be so busy and we can find lots of fun and debauchery in the land of the tea party! Miss you already--cooooooooooo!!!!!!