Saturday, May 26, 2007

Glimpses of the Future

It's been a rather lazy Saturday. Went bathing suit shopping and was very unsuccessful--oh well! Had a delicious lunch of cheese, bread, fruit and wine with Z, and then watched a classic: Rocky 3. :) Anything with Mr. T has to be good, right? HA!
When I went home after Rocky reclaimed the Heavyweight Title, I checked the mail with no hope of receiving anything worthwhile. However, I had some new info from HDS which was incredibly exciting! Diana Eck is a faculty member at HDS and has studied in one of the cities which I will visit whilst in India. I'm dying to read one of her books, Banaras-City of Light, before I go. Anyway, I just found out that I will be taking one of her classes in the fall--World Religions: Diversity and Dialogue. I can't wait!
I am constantly worried about things here, especially my health, but there are moments like these that give me strength and hope for a healthy, exciting future. go and buy that book!

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