Thursday, May 24, 2007

Puerto Rico!

Sure, I should be staying in Columbia, working dilligently and saving my money for the upcoming trip to India...but how much fun is that? When G mentioned taking a trip, I was all for it--so we're off to Puerto Rico in 2 weeks! Unfortunately we will have to reschedule our camping trip with the Charleston friends, but I think they'll understand. However--this does mean we'll be in town for the Dell's "Before the 4th Party!"

Still on Cloud 9 from the weekend and now the newest excitement of being on a white sandy beach sipping Bacardi in just 2 weeks. Ahhh---how can life get any better?

1 comment:

Dogwood Dell said...

How can life get better? Hummmm...

-Winning the lottery?
-Acquiring a "Get out of Hell card" from Heaven?
-Finding true love?
-Knowing the day's "secret word"?
-Discovering the meaning of life?
-Receiving three wishes from a genie?
- Meeting the Pope?
-Buying a home on Cloud 9?

I’m sure this list can continue forever, but it’s getting late.