Sunday, July 8, 2007

The day could be classified as the following: lazy. Let's up and had my massage and steam, had breakfast (more on that in a minute), laid by the pool, took a shower, had lunch (more on that also), sat by the pool again reading and writing, now emailing. Later I will do the evening yoga and then go to dinner. Rough!
Last night I enjoyed a (private) sunset cruise. It was only private because no other guests showed up. But it was nice having two young gentlemen explaining the different parts of the lake, the wildlife and their lives to me. It still makes me smile to see the look on their faces when I tell them that I live alone, without my parents. That blows their mind! It's also a great fascination that I am an only child. We discussed these things and a few others as the wind picked up a bit and the boat rocked a little more. Thankfully the sun went down before my lunch came up. Made it back to shore and that was the end of the night for me. :)
I've met some interesting travellers here: there's a British-Indian family (Herr D, if you went for the darker girls, I think you'd like this bird), an Irish couple on their honeymoon, a pair of South African nurses who I had dinner with the first night, and a French couple who is rude.
Breakfast: Fresh fruit and fresh juice. When I say fresh, I mean fresh--I actually saw them shoving the pineapple into the juicer. The rest consisted of a thin, pancake like item called a dosha (?), yogurt, and tea. Lunch was fantastic as well! Once the chef learned that I don't particularly care for spicey food, the meals have been outstanding. Not only is it delicious, but it is just beautiful to look at...the colors are dazzling! I can't recall any of the names of the items I had today for lunch, but I will pay more attention tonight at dinner.


Dogwood Dell said...

Based upon your blog entries, it appears that you're having fun. Wonderful!

BTW...Stop looking for women for Herr D while your in India. It won't do him any good. You're supposed to be shopping for men for yourself (GRIN).

Don't worry about the French. It's expected. It does only when you’re friends (or speak French) do the French drop the attitude.

City Yogin said...

It's just a sick old habit I have gotten in to--looking for birds for Herr D. :) And I definitely like the southern boys here--very cute and very nice! Also, after my exposure in the sun today, I am working on getting just as dark!

Gashwin said...

I love dosas! When you get back, (sometime during the 6 days or so in July and August that we'll overlap :-( ) we should check out Taste of India behind Dutch Square ... she makes the most amazing dosas (or dosais)!

Yes, stop looking for brown girls for Herr D. You know him, he'll just give some excuse or the other and go and hide in his office. :-D

I was going to ask this moring who your companions at the resort were (if it weren't for that stupid phone connection) -- what an interesting lot.

I'm sure your companions in the boat were horrified -- family dynamics are so different.

Enjoy your time! And the food, especially tailored to your dasha! :)