Monday, July 2, 2007


Gandhi's Home in Bombay

Gandhi's room and spinning wheel

Jain Temple

Me and My New Friends in the Hanging Gardens
Lord Krishna's Flower

Victoria Terminal (train station)


Dogwood Dell said...

Request - Collect more pics with you in them.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

The man who is never in pictures suggests you find your way into more of them????? I believe Dogwood should take his own advice!

Just have fun and take pictures of what you want to (don't take too much advice from Dogwood or Gashwin, you know they take photography entirely too seriously!), what you find interesting is what you should take pictures of.

Mrs. Dell

City Yogin said...

I KNOW! I feel as if I am falling way short in my photography numbers! I'll try to get more pictures with me in them--it will get easier once I have my guide, starting tomorrow!

Gashwin said...

"they take photography entirely too seriously." Hmm. They're all English words ... but I don't get it! (scratches head) :)