Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Some random things that have been going on inside my head, things that have been said to me, and other casual observances I have made...
1) When being wrapped in the sari last night, the girl said to me "You're a little bit fat so this sari will look a little different than mine." THAT'S good for one's self-esteem.
2) Tonight at dinner my waitress (not Molly) asked how much I weigh. When I told her, she said "that's okay."
3) There is a sign by the pool that says one must shower before getting in...that's normal in the US too but how many of us actually do it? Here--everyone has!
4) When asked why I am not married, I replied, "I haven't found the right man yet." Girl's response to me: "You are not looking hard enough."
5) One of the waiters also told me that I look like a monkey. Not quite sure what that means! Suggestions and hypotheses welcome.

That's about it for now...really wanted to share #1 and #2--I couldn't help but chuckle, especially at the "you're a little bit fat" comment. Ahhh, Indians!


Dogwood Dell said...

Fat? Please......

They have to find something wrong with each American visitor. Apparently they had to create a reason for you.

Gashwin said...

Don't be silly -- Indians can be quite direct about a lot of things. And "fat" doesn't carry the same esteem-crushing connotations it does in India.

That said, if you're fat then I'm positively gargantuan ... so take consolation, friend :)

St. Izzy said...

1) Fat = wealth, you rich American girl you. And when you get home, you'll be skinny as a rail again.

2) Look like a monkey? Have you started growing excessive body hair? Is it a result of herbs you've been taking?

3) SO... No update on Mr. French Roast?

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