Friday, July 13, 2007

Saying Goodbye to Coconut Lagoon

I left Coconut Lagoon this morning with my new friends waving goodbye as the boat left the reception area. They were all so sweet and wonderful and I miss seeing their faces already. "Pierre" even came to see me off and we talked about how much fun we had together and how we wish it weren't over so quickly.
Marari is a beautiful place--more trees than Coconut Lagoon--and situated on the Arabian Sea. The water is too dangerous to take a swim, but the view is quite nice. Their pool is currently closed for maintenace, so to compensate, they upgraded me to a private pool villa! It is awesome. They also have free wi-fi, so you will finally be able to see some of my pictures from the past week. ENJOY!

A view out over the pond at the poolside area

A look out across the lake.

My bathroom.

A beautiful sunset on the lake.

The awesome staff at the restaurant.

Me (looking chunky in the sari) and Thomas

Me and "Pierre."


City Yogin said...

Alright...let the Pierre comments begin...G, Dogwood, Izzy??? :)

Anonymous said...

He's cute, even if he is French! :)

Mrs. Dell

Gashwin said...

Well, I guess he's acceptable since he seems to look more Middle-Eastern/North African than pure pasty white-a** French. :-p Does he have an Algerian or Moroccan background?

And little missy, you look just fine and dandy in that sari of yours. We'll need to have you walk the catwalk when you're back ... it seems to sit well on you. Even better than Mrs. Sonia Gandhi! :)

Gashwin said...

[Oh Protestant Bill just reminded me of the most important question: IS HE CATHOLIC? :)]

City Yogin said...

Actually he is Catholic! Can you believe it! Cant find a cute (single) Catholic boy in SC, but found one in India!!
Not too sure about his background, but his parents are very prominent travelers--he's been to 30 countries! He even spent time with a Russian princess partying in St. Petersburg...he's my kind of guy! :)

City Yogin said...

Oh--I could NEVER wrap that sari again even if I tried! But thanks for the compliments. (blush)

Rejina Prashanth said...

Nice Post.. Good pictures, Really Coconut Lagoon is a beautiful resort in kerala.