Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bored at Work

I was a tad bit bored today at work and stumbled across an article on MSN about this year's 25 Hottest (Trendiest) Colleges. Here is one I knew my friend, Dogwood, would appreciate.
Hottest for International Studies University of Richmond, Richmond, VA.
Seventy percent of the class of 2007 studied abroad, attending universities in Oxford, Edinburgh, Prague, Milan, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Bangkok and other cosmopolitan spots. The 3,000-student university has exchange agreements with more than 50 schools around the world and ensures that time spent abroad costs no more than time on campus. The faculty is strong in many areas, particularly business, science and leadership studies, but all students are urged to see the world.


St. Izzy said...

You have to wonder how good a school is if so many students are in a hurry to get off campus -- and to travel so far to get away from it!

Dogwood Dell said...

People wanting to leave UR are unusual. The campus is typically ranked in the Top 10 most beautiful universities in the US. That and it’s in one of the nicest areas of Richmond.

Nonetheless, when one studies the international community, you want to go work/live in that community.