Thursday, August 9, 2007

Home Life

I know I haven't blogged since being home, but not much has really happened. I am resettled and enjoying my part-time status at work, visiting with friends, and trying to squeeze the most joy out of these last few weeks in Columbia.

A few fun things are on the horizon, including a visit from two old friends from high school in two weeks. This weekend is also packed with fun, exciting, new things: dinners with friends, shopping, helping a friend move into her first apartment, and a date! Yes, you read that correctly--I have a date!

I am incredibly excited about this date and think it will go quite well. I'm trying not to bring outrageous expectations along or get my hopes up too high. However, I think it will be a wonderful evening.

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Gashwin said...

Tag! You're it! :)

[Word to the wise: keep dorkus away from your AIM account! :)]