Thursday, September 13, 2007

One Month...yesterday

One month ago (yesterday) was my first date with the new beau (I need to come up with a better name for him). Although it's only been one month, it seems so much longer--in a very good way. I suppose the whole being-friends-first for over 2 years helps make it seem like we've been a couple longer.

Everything is going so well; I am extremely grateful for the "awakening" I had, and even more grateful that he hadn't yet moved on. How different, and less fulfilled, my life would be right now.

Only 15 days until I will see him again! I am so excited to visit Ohio and spend some time together. It will be lovely.


Dogwood Dell said...

What about...
Dr. Beau?
That fellow several hundred miles away.

If "he" was a "she" I would reference the individual as "That Girl" and run the credits of TV show with Marlo Thomas in the streets of NYC.

Hey- Why not refer to to him as "Donald".

LOL - OK. Maybe I'm the only one laughing at the "Donald" joke.......

BTW...This is the traditional thought process I give Mrs. Dell at times (and cause her fustration).

Dangers of a rambling mind late at night.

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

I recommend "Snookums", because it's just too, too, too sugary.

Using it gets you your post-modern ironic credentials, in case you needed them.

Confused? Click here at Izzy's blog and scroll down to or search for "~~~Begin Quotation 1~~~."

who has nearly a dozen names for (and including) "that boy."