Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I had dinner with a good friend tonight who was my last hope. Okay, I guess I should back up a bit first...

I am a bridesmaid in a wedding in just about 5 weeks in Lexington, KY for one of my oldest friends. Last fall, I went to a bridal shop to be measured for the dress she was having made just for me to wear. I sent Brooke the measurements and waited patiently for my dress to arrive. Finally, the dress arrived at my door not too long ago. However...the damn thing is way too big. I don't know if they ignored the measurements I gave or what, but it's about 6 sizes too big. It's a strapless dress that won't stay up, the bottom drags the floor and it's just awful! Knowing that I need to have the dress radically altered, I called the above mentioned friend, Pam, who I thought could alter the dress in a jiffy. Ya...not so much. She doesn't sew. So I am up the creek.

So...if anyone knows someone who is quite good with alterations, I would greatly appreciate any help!!


St. Izzy said...

Give Steph Meyer (soon to be Rayman) a call. She has someone who did a bunch of stuff to her wedding dress.

I know a master tailor in town who works at a uniform company and does work on the side, but he lives in a rooming house, and I doubt you want to go there for a fitting.

City Yogin said...

THANKS! I will definitely give Steph a call! Thank you so very much!!!