Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekend Musings

It's been a rather uneventful weekend, which has been rather enjoyable. Even though the weekend turned out to be quite different than I had originally planned, I feel good about my decision, but am still working on cultivating a true sense of peace about everything.

I saw a few movies this weekend, beginning with The Ten on Friday with some friends at the Nick. It was hilarious, disturbing and absolutely obscene at times, but overall, I enjoyed it. The meal afterwards at Moe's Grapevine was absolutely wonderful! The cheese torte that Magister had was truly fantastic. I've caught myself daydreaming about that torte several times since Friday night.

Saturday I watched the USC vs. Mississippi State game with some friends, took a nap and then went to dinner and a movie with Z. We saw The Kingdom, which I liked a lot. I especially liked the ending because it was slightly disturbing yet prophetic in a way. I recommend the film.

Today, I went to Mass and then ran about 2 miles. The weather was so absolutely beautiful, it would have been sinful to stay inside. After the run, I decided to head down to the "evil empire" of Starbucks and enjoy an Iced Green Tea and read some of Pope Benedict's The Apostles. I am enjoying it immensely and have found it helpful on multiple levels. I like the way he can bring these individuals to life and make them so relevant in modern day to day life.

Sometimes I feel like one of the apostles before Jesus called them to follow him; just kind of going through life, wandering around, aimlessly awaiting something yet not fully knowing what that thing is. They were happy in their lives, but I think they felt incomplete. That's why they all so eagerly dropped their nets, their jobs, their families to follow Jesus because they knew he was the fulfillment they sought. Through my prayers, I will seek understanding of this confusing time and ask for guidance out of this muck. Enthusiastically, reverently, steadfastly I will pray for Jesus to come and call me to where I am supposed to be. I also pray to have the ears to hear him and the courage to go where he leads me.

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