Monday, October 22, 2007

Homeward Bound

I am sitting in the Blue Grass Airport waiting Delta flight 5026 to Cincinnati and am hopeful all goes well. It's raining like crazy here and storms are in the forecast. Right now everything seems to be on schedule, so I keep praying I get out of here and get home tonight.

It's funny how Columbia has become my true home. It felt incredibly weird to be here this weekend; to be around the old sites and sounds and friends and family. Although last night I stayed in the same room I spent three years in, I felt like a visitor in someone's home. I am glad to have had the time here to see my friends and family, but I am ready to be home. Home where I feel comfortable and settled. I am an overly anxious person anyway and this trip definitely did not help that situation. Deep breaths and lots of prayer were my strategies.

South Carolina: HERE I COME!

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Dogwood Dell said...

Welcome Home!

BTW...Did you bring the rain? We need some here in Cola (and SC).