Monday, December 3, 2007

O Come O Come Emmanuel

As the Advent season begins, I find myself in desperate need of making changes. As Advent is a preparation for something magical and wonderful, I hope to use this time to prepare myself for something bigger and better. I have no clue what that even is, but I am hopeful that through my prayer I will be led to the place where I am supposed to be.

For the past few months, I've been praying and attempting to discern where I am supposed to go in life, what I am supposed to be, what is my higher purpose. At times I feel like I am in a perpetual Advent--continuously waiting and waiting for some divine insipiration to spell it all out for me. But something dawned on me the other day: what if I am where I'm supposed to be? What if the happiness I feel here is true and perfect happiness? Has God led me to where I am truly meant to be?

But if that's the case, why all the restlessness? Why the feeling that there's something out there bigger than all of this? I feel a special calling to go--to travel--to get away from here. Is that simply running away or is that heeding the call?

I will use this season of joyful anticipation to dwell deeper inside myself in the hopes of coming out a more beautiful individual.

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Anonymous said...

I am not God so I can not really answer your question, but I do have some thoughts. As long as you are caught in a body there will be a yearning for something greater. Our souls were meant to be in heaven with our Lord. Until we are granted that opportunity, we are asked to allow him to take us along the journey. Being on the correct path brings happiness and all the other great emotions that we have. However that correct path is not the ends, and if it was always comfortable we would never make any progress.