Sunday, January 13, 2008


So I was told on Saturday night that even if I have NOTHING to talk about, I need to blog, just to let my (very few) readers know that I am still alive. Unfortunately, I don't have much to report except that this weekend was a good one--went shopping in Charlotte with "Mom," went to a Christmas party, saw a movie, and had dinner with a good friend.

So Mag and I went with Herr Dorkus to see What Would Jesus Buy. The film focuses on the issues of the commercialization of Christmas, materialism the over-consumption in American culture, globalization, and the business practices of large corporations, as well as their economic and cultural effects on American society, as seen through the prism of activist/performance artist Bill Talen, who goes by the alias of "Reverend Billy" and his troupe of activists, whose street theatre performances take the form of a church choir called "The Church of Stop Shopping," that sings anti-shopping and anti-corporate songs. The film follows Billy and his choir as they take a cross-country trip in the month prior to Christmas 2005 and spread their message against what they perceive as the evils of patronizing the retail outlets of several different large corporate chains. It was an interesting film with what I thought was a good message, but presented in a very different and at times disturbing manner.

The Nickelodeon has several good movies coming up: Lars and The Real Girl, The Darjeeling Limited, & Margot At The Wedding. I can't wait to see them!

Bogie update: Watched In A Lonely Place and Casablanca--tonight's showing will be Tokyo Joe. I need to get started on it, so off I go!

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Anonymous said...

I agree with whom ever suggested you to post things on the blog. You actually have more to say than you think. Have a great week!