Tuesday, March 11, 2008


As a good friend once told me, I must start this story out right--"So there I was..."

Minding my own business at the front desk, with my mood matching the weather, the morning had started out like a typical Tuesday.

And then I was offered a new job. I don't want to give out a lot of details yet, but it's definitely something to think and pray about. There are numerous pros and cons associated with this opportunity and it's the first time in a long time that I've been cognizant of the clear fork in the road.

What will it mean to take it? pass it up? Which decision will best serve me? What is the responsible "adult" decision to make? So instead of a relaxing evening at home with nothing more than what to have for dinner on my mind, I will begin discerning.


Waldie said...

i thought we were praying last night for someone else to get a new job. i guess those prayers got filed somewhere else. God has a sense of humor, no?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and I hope you make the best decision for you.