Monday, May 12, 2008


This time last year when I thought I was going to be moving on to something new and different, I didn't feel any different. This year contrasts that significantly as it seems like there are a million changes happening all around me, and I have been touched by them all. I have friends who have graduated, who are relocating, who are purchasing first-time homes, who are traveling abroad, who are starting new and fascinating programs, and others that are changing in smaller ways, but still morphing nonetheless.

I actually have faith and confidence this time that this is what I am supposed to be's time for me to dig up my firmly planted roots and move ahead. I've become too complacent here. Life is too easy here. I need to be challenged, I need to feel motivated again. I'm still undecided as to when I will go, but it will probably be sooner than later.

Of course, parts of me are sad and will miss this place I've called home for 9 years tremendously. However, I think I will only figure out what I am supposed to do and who I am supposed to be, by leaving Columbia behind. Things will work out however they are supposed to. I have faith in that.


St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

There are those times when God gives you a nudge, and other times when He gives you and nudge AND a map. Either way, you follow His leading into the next adventure.

If He leads you away from these parts, know you'll be missed, and there will be plenty of guest rooms and couches available for any trips you make back here.

Laura said...


St. Izzy said...

Horace Epistle 1.11.27:
Caelum, non animum, mutant qui trans mare currunt.

Those who rush across the sea change their sky, not their soul.

By all means take the adventure, but beware of looking to a change of environment to tell you who you are. I most often meet myself in the humdrum and boring, when the only thing I have to challenge myself with is my own poor set of internal resources.

And as you make your decisions, don't forget that you've left school hanging. ;^)>