Thursday, May 8, 2008

Enthusiastic Anticipation

Enthusiasm can color your thoughts, actions, and choices, prompting you to approach your endeavors with an unflappable and joyful determination. Whether you are playing with loved ones or working on a shared project with colleagues, you’ll likely sense that there is promise in your plans and that your efforts will eventually be met with success. This optimism can be intensely encouraging, carrying you forward even when failure looms large on the horizon or you have reached an impasse in your progress. If you stand strong and choose not to shy away from the challenges associated with your efforts today, you may discover that there is little that can prevent you from realizing the goals you have set for yourself.

When we feel enthusiastic about the endeavors in which we participate, we are more apt to do all we can or what is required of us to ensure that our efforts are met with success. Enthusiasm breeds eagerness, providing a foundation for our dedication when we aim for challenging goals or want to test the limits of our mental and physical capabilities. Setbacks cannot trump the excitement and exhilaration we feel when taking part in the activities we deem promising. Our devotion never wavers and our focus is consistently trained on the object of our desires, ensuring that we concentrate on achieving victory by whatever means necessary rather than on all that might go wrong. The optimism you feel today when engaging in pursuits you enjoy will help you make all of your wishes come true.

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