Thursday, May 8, 2008

Finding God in India and Here

I just read an interesting article by Francis Clooney, SJ. It is a little outdated (written in 1996 while he was still on faculty at Boston College) but overall it's fairly interesting and provided me with a few things to think about. The article is primarily about his journey as a Jesuit in Kathmandu, Nepal as well as Madras, India and how he developed this passion and inexahustable curiousity in comparative theology. A few of my favorite ideas presented that I think will help me ponder where I want to go, what I want to study and how I should be thinking of things:
  • What do these comparative and interreligious questions mean for how I live my life? Where do I find Jesus, how do I live openly, attentively, aware?
  • If I am open to how learned relgious people from far away and long ago rethought the idea of the divine, it can perhaps provide me with a new vantage point to see my own tradition in a new way.
  • How do I understand, get involved see th eworld and God through someone else's tradtion while recollecting my own identity?
  • I am interested in entering a new conversation while keeping old commitments, meeting in new ways the God who has already become known to me.
  • How can God teach me? How can God reach me?
  • I must seek God as He dwells outside the boundaries of my own tradition because He is greater than anything I can understand or imagine.
  • Keep my ears open--for if I can listen, I can see. That is the foundation of dialogue.

I hope to expand myself in new ways, challenge myself to the point of almost giving up, and finding my place among all the chaos in this world. I hope to be open to the possibilities which I encounter, and do so with a smidgen of grace.

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