Sunday, July 20, 2008


Not much really going on, but thought I would just check in and say hello. I have been working a lot which is good, but at times I am rather sick of the place. I am working the early shift today (after being here until close to midnight last night) but luckily have the evening and tomorrow off. Tonight's festivities include mass at Holy Trinity in Georgetown and then it's off to the Uptown for a showing of The Dark Knight. Thrilling life I lead, n'est ce pas?

Although I must say I am rather excited about a certain visitor who is arriving on Friday!!! It will be so wonderful to have a familiar face around. Think I might try to convince my friend to go to the zoo with me on Saturday if he isn't too busy. :-) I haven't been to the National Zoo and the free admission and pandas are incentive enough for me. Hopefully it won't be in the upper 90s with 80% humidity. But who knows....

This is going to be one of those times where my readers ask "why in the world is she even writing anything? There is nothing interesting going on in her life." Well, there are a few things going on, but I probably shouldn't divulge all via the blog. Overall, things are going well despite a few pangs of homesickness here and there and feeling a little like a fish out of water at work occasionally.

I have learned a few things so far:
1) Australian accents are sexy.
2) DC is hot...Columbia hot.
3) I shouldn't make tofu anymore unless I am really sure it's fresh (bad food poisoning incident).
4) Savor each moment. The summer is passing far too quickly.
5) Don't check into a hotel and ask the front desk to babysit your cat. They just won't do it.

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