Thursday, September 25, 2008


So things are starting to turn for the better here in good ol' Beantown. Not that they were ever bad or that I once thought about leaving...but I am very happy to report that I found a job and also a fantastic, fabulous, awesome apartment! I will be working with a hotel chain that I hope will be a little more welcoming and a better fit than the last one--but I can't imagine to be any worse!
So I will be living with two people and they are both so awesome--one guy and one girl. (Don't worry, I've already had this "approved" by HD!) The apartment is in the Back Bay area of town and about four blocks away from the Public Gardens and Boston Common. It's an incredibly cute brownstone with a rooftop terrace boasting splendid views of downtown Boston. It's a three-block walk from work, three blocks from the T, and about a five minute walk from pubs and restaurants. On the train, it's about 25 minutes to Cambridge, not bad at all!
In addition to those two wonderful pieces of the puzzle, I am settling in quite nicely at a yoga studio in Cambridge, Karma, which offers an Anusara class seven times a week. The minute I stepped onto my mat I felt at home. And this is a TRUE Anusara class complete with chanting the invocation at the beginning! Simply incredible.
Not once did I feel this sort of peace in DC. Even in the few weeks I've been here, I've never felt alone in spite of knowing fewer people. Walking around this city I feel as if I am a part of it and this is where I am truly meant to be.
And I must say that is the BEST THING ON EARTH to be back with the best girlfriend a girl could ever ask for. Staying with her it's been like the summer after our sophomore year all over again, minus the South Americans, the too-strong margaritas and the Tuna Helper! While our time together hasn't been as ridiculous and crazy as before (or as detrimental to our waistlines), it's been better than I ever could have imagined. I am so grateful for her friendship, as well as that of her beau, and I love them both so very much. Being back in the same city is AWESOME!
Tomorrow is FRIII-DAAAY (thank you M!) and I'm ready for the weekend. I'm thinking it's going to be one helluva time.
(OH! AND the best part of my day was finding out that one of my favorite people on the planet is coming to visit in just three weeks!! YAY!!!!!)

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WHOOP WHOOP! don't you love it when everything falls into place? i'm so happy for you. you deserve it.