Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Visting for a Bit

I'm back in Columbia for a short time visiting some friends and finalizing my moving arrangements. I'm happy to be spending time with friends and relaxing before things really take off and I hardly have time to sleep. I'm really excited about next week and am ready for a sense of putting roots down and feeling a bit more grounded. With my vata dosha, being so transitory isn't beneficial to my well-being. In attempt to reconcile my doshic imbalance, I am headed to yoga tomorrow morning with my wonderful, beautiful instructor who I cannot wait to see!

I thought I would have a larger sense of "home" when I arrived in town last night, but having no apartment and no job here really dispelled that feeling immediately. There are parts of this town that I do miss significantly, but I've woken up today to the fact that this is just not the place for me anymore. And the friendships that are the most precious to me will survive the distance and perhaps even flourish because of it--I've had it happen before, so who knows.

My soul is very conflicted, confused, restless now. All I can do is breathe and pray and utter that small but powerful mantra, "Jesus, I trust You."

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