Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Fun

One more week finished...whew! It's been a ridiculously crazy and busy week and I am glad it's almost over. Just finished with my class for the morning and now I'm headed to treatment. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? I assure you, it is not. However, it IS Friday so that is a good thing. No more treatment until Monday--feels like a mini-vacation.

After treatment it's back to the j-o-b for (more) paperwork. They are well aware of my complete situation and assured me I wouldn't be there too long today. So we'll see how they are at keeping promises! I'm also hopeful they won't ask me to come in tomorrow so I can perhaps make a trip to get some necessities for the new bedroom. Things like a bed, a dresser, a know, important things.

If I do have the day free tomorrow, one of my new roomies and I are going to have breakfast/brunch at this tiiiiiiiiiiny little place just a block away, Mike and Patty's. It looks really cute and from what I've heard the food is quite fresh and delicious.

AND tomorrow there is a book sale at the Boston Public Library which I would LOVE to peruse. So much I want and need to do, and I am beyond annoyed that I can't make any solid plans yet because I don't know what the work situation is going to be. Patience, patience, patience. I keep reminding myself (and having others help remind me as well) that everything will work out...just be patient, damn it!! :-)

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