Thursday, July 5, 2007

My First Time

At the advice of a friend, I have to start the story out right: SO THERE I WAS...
Sitting in the waiting room at my tiny little ayurvedic spa just waiting. Then this tiny little woman came out and asked me to follow her. Into a little room I went, no Enya in the background or soft cushy table to lie on. The room was simple with pale pink walls and a large wooden table situated near the window. Bindu (my therapist) looked at me and said "Undress!" Well, okay, I'd only known her for five minutes, but why not go ahead and strip?! And unlike anything in the U.S., she stood there and waited for me to undress--all the way.
Then I was instructed to hop up on the table and lie face up. I have to say that I was a little insecure and uncomfortable at this point. I am not one of those people who celebrates nudity (even when alone). Then she began pouring this warm oil all over me and gently massaged it in. It was incredibly relaxing and soothing and I became more at ease throughout the hour. It was a very rigorous massage, and she didn't ask how much pressure I like. I had more oil on me than Hulk Hogan at ANY wrestling match!
At the end I was put into a pressure cooker. Well, actually a steam chamber where I sat on this stool and my head was sticking out of a hole cut in a board. I felt like one of those table decorations at Halloween! At one point Bindu asked me if I was sweating--uh ya! I am a sweater and my goodness, all the toxins and impurities had to come out because when I stepped out of there, I was swimming in my own sweat. Lovely!
It was an incredible experience, something very simple and loving about it. I mean, this woman was all in my space but it felt nice and reassuring. There's something incredibly soothing about someone washing your hair and cleaning your back for you. I felt drained afterwards and needed a glass of water, or a cigarette... :)
This morning (in about an hour) I leave for my week-long ayurveda/yoga retreat. But to my knowledge, there is no internet access anywhere at this resort. It's all about getting back to nature (no tv's in the room) and leaving the world behind. But who knows, I could be pleasantly surprised! So at this point it looks like I will be disappearing from the blogging world for about a week. NAMASTE!

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